IMAGELICIOUS is an initiative of my good friend Hans and me. Hans is a passionate photographer who has earned his laurels well in culinary photography. I am a passionate hobby cook, trying to change my hobby into my daily job. We both passionately enjoy the Indonesian archipelago, also known as “the emerald of the equator”. All of it, nature, people, culture, food, smells, colors, flavors. All those passions together are visible in IMAGELICIOUS. The name says it all: delicious images. Our favourite food, often from Indonesian and especially Balinese origin, prepared and decorated in our style to become delicious images. ENJOY!

In doing so, our own style developed. For convenience called “Balistyle” and indeed strongly leaning on the Balinese ceremonial way of preparing, decorating and presenting. In addition to the dishes in our book and the dozens of dishes that we have developed in the run-up to that, which have a distinct Indonesian origin, we are increasingly focusing on “world cuisine”. Food on a stick from all over the world, “Skewer, brocheta, souvlaki, sis kebab, skewer, skewer, shaslik, espetada, yakitori, satay” just to name a few. And small, beautifully made snacks, which together form a complete meal, but especially a playground of special experiences and surprises, discovery of new tastes, flavours and combinations. Larger than an appetizer, but smaller than a “dish at the table”. Fitting in a glass, so to speak.
The result is not only the “delicious images” on this website, but also the most delicious dishes and the recipes for it. Gradually we look for opportunities to share all this goodies and all this beauty with the world.

“Balistyle Chef, cooking with homesickness to Bali”, our first book, appeared in October 2016. This website got its third “facelift”. And now many dozens of guests enjoyed classes, workshops, selamatan jalanan (walking dinner), tastings and dinners.

IMAGELICIOUS will soon be accessible via various channels, but for now quickly and easily via Rob’s phone, 06-54217552, or send an e-mail.




BALISTYLE CHEF koken met heimwee naar Bali

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